About Port KC

Rooted at the river. Flowing toward economic progress. 

About Us

We exist to grow the economy of Kansas City through advancing transportation, logistics and revitalization. That’s why our statutory powers allows us to issue bonds, reclaim land and enter into contracts to develop that land. 

Like all Missouri port authorities, we are a creation of the state of Missouri. We are a professional staff of specialists represented by a volunteer board of commissioners, appointed by the mayor, who provide expertise and focus to our mission.

Our mission is our purpose.

Our mission is simple. We will grow the economy of Kansas City through transportation, logistics and revitalization. 

Our vision is our guide.

By generating efficient, effective and innovative transportation and development solutions, we will be a port that competes not just nationally but globally. Our commitment to return our revenues to the community for its benefit is what sets us apart from other development agencies. 

A port in Kansas City?

We know it sounds strange to have a port in our seemingly landlocked city. But here we are. So what makes us a port? 

To start, we have a port terminal in the West Bottoms, but that’s not all. Our port district includes all of Kansas City, Missouri – so we work throughout the city help make it a hub of activity for economic growth. Both the port terminal and our south Kansas City commerce park are located near major national railroad yards, four interstate highways and Kansas City businesses. Add in our key partnerships throughout the city and beyond – and you can say we’re a connector, which makes us a port. 

unloading commodity from a barge at the Port of Kansas City

As that connector, among other things, we’re reestablishing waterborne commerce for Kansas City. Did you know that one barge is equivalent to 16 railroad cars or 70 truck trailers? It’s an incredibly efficient method of transportation, and it’s critical for our local farmers and businesses. In August of 2015, we welcomed our first barge back to the port since 2007. Since then, we’ve handled hundreds of barge and are the fastest growing port in the Midwest.

We continue to push forward toward even more strategic progress, while also continuing to connect our city through our help with revitalization, transportation and logistics.