About Port KC

Rooted at the river. Flowing toward economic progress. 

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Does Kansas City have a port terminal?

Yes! After closing in 2007, the Port of Kansas City reopened in the West Bottoms in 2015. Since then, the port has moved more than 150 barges and handled more than 250,000 tons of commodities.

What do port authorities do?

Missouri port authorities were created by the Missouri Legislature, which is the entity responsible for defining their purpose. One main goal is to improve port infrastructure and increase waterborne commerce. They can also own, develop, construct and maintain land for a number of purposes that include residential, commercial, mixed-use, recreation, industrial and port facilities. Their tools can save and renovate underutilized buildings, buildings of historic value, and blighted properties. They can also use their tools to advance riverfront development and to help create and connect transportation services like rail, truck and barge. 

Are you an agency of the city or state?

Port authorities are independent governmental agencies, but we collaborate and share the goals of Kansas City and the State of Missouri. We were created by the state, and our Board of Commissioners are appointed by Kansas City’s mayor.

Where are your projects?

We work all over Kansas City, not just projects on or adjacent to the river. Some of our projects include the Woodswether Terminal, Berkley Riverfront, and Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park.

Can I ship my purchases or cargo to the port of Kansas City?

We do not accept shipments from private citizens.

Should my company submit to the Real Estate Services RFQ?

We encourage real estate contractors to submit to our Real Estate Services RFQ. For some of our projects, contractors must be on the Prequalified Contractors List to participate.

Where are your offices located?

We are located at 110 Berkley Plaza, Kansas City, MO. You can find us in the southeast corner of the Union apartments at Berkley Riverfront.

Where is Berkley Riverfront?

Berkley Riverfront is located directly north of the River Market and west of the Isle Capri Casino off from I-29 at Front Street. View on Google Maps.

Who do I contact for leasing information for Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park?

Please email Mark Long of Newmark Grubb Zimmer at mlong@ngzimmer.com or call 816-512-1011.

I want to have an event on the riverfront, how does that work?

So glad you want to do this! Please fill out the Request an Event form on the Berkley Riverfront website.

Prequalified Contractors List FAQs

How do I become a registered contractor for Port KC?

To become a registered contractor, please visit Port KC’s website and direct your attention to the RFQ for Multiple General and Specialty Construction Divisions. Follow the instructions and submit the Request for Qualifications Form in the RFQ to info@portkc.com.  Typical response time is 3-5 business days. Port KC’s prequalified contractor list is open to both general contractors and specialty trade subcontractors.

How will I be notified of upcoming projects?

An email will be sent to the email address listed in your application.

How can I update my contact information?

Please send a request to info@portkc.com.

How long will I remain on Port KC’s registered contactors list?

Five years from the date of prequalification. You may reapply when the five years expires.

As a General Contractor, do I need to check all CSI Trade Divisions on the application?  

That is a business level decision. If you would like to be prequalified for a specific trade, please indicate so on the form. General Contractors can check off all trade divisions if they would like to be eligible to bid or propose on specialty trade opportunities. They do not need to if they are only interested in GC opportunities.

There is an IFB/RFP I would like to bid/propose on, but we are not a current prequalified contractor. Am I eligible to bid?

IFB/RFP’s are only open to contractors prequalified by Port KC at the time of IFB/RFP issuance.

You must submit an application for prequalification to become eligible to bid or propose on future projects.   While Port KC reserves the right to make exceptions to the requirement that only previously prequalified contractors can respond, you should not assume that an exception will be granted. 

Where can I find Port KC’s current list of registered contractors?

We are working on a system to publically post and update an all-inclusive list. Currently, we will send our current list by request. Please email info@portkc.com.

What goals have to be met for this project?

Default goals can be found on Port KC’s website on the development finance page and they are applicable to the entire project.