Barges Offer New Transportation Option in Kansas City

September 1, 2015

Barges Offer New Transportation Option in Kansas City

Barges are once again docked at the Port of Kansas City – Woodswether Terminal. This is the first barge traffic since Port KC took over the terminal in 2012.

“Riverborne Commerce will provide another transportation alternative that allows Kansas City to be competitive regionally, nationally and internationally. The reopening of the port helps fulfill Port KC’s mission by enhancing Kansas City’s economic vitality through transportation and commerce. It provides efficient use of our waterway as a navigable resource for regional and global trade, and serves as a support nexus to rail and roadway shipping” said Michael Collins, President & CEO of Port KC.

bargeThe first two materials to move through the port are both recyclable. The first barge to dock at the port carried mill scale for Central Plains Cement. The mill scale will be blended with cement and made into asphalt. The first barge to be loaded at the port will carried scrap metal to Peoria, IL that will be melted and made into steel.

Port KC has partnered with KAW Valley Companies, which serves as the operator for the port facility. Kaw Valley was founded in 1984 by Ben Kates as a sand and gravel mining and distribution Company. It has diversified its operations into recycling, demolition, excavation, grading and now port operations.

The reopening of the port is the culmination of years of work by Port KC. Over the past three years Port KC demolished a warehouse, made electrical upgrades, rehabbed the conveyer and made lighting improvements. Plans are currently underway to reconnect the port to rail.

Bringing barge traffic back to Kansas City would not have been possible without the support of many including the Port KC Board of Commissioners, the Missouri Department of Transportation, the Missouri Highway Transportation Commission, the Missouri State Legislature, Mayor Sly James and local lawmakers.

Port KC would also like to thank Central Plains Cement and Midwest Scrap Management for supporting the vision of waterway commerce.