Celebrating Joe Perry’s 10th Year at Port KC

We give our immense congratulations to Joe Perry, our VP of Development, for 10 years at Port KC. Over his tenure, Joe has taken on exciting challenges with the Port KC team, from growing the riverfront to advancing our industrial communities. All who know Joe recognize that his hard work, expertise, and big dreams continue to drive Kansas City forward.

Growing Kansas City

Joe calls the transformation of Berkley Riverfront a true “team accomplishment.” After 40 years of clean-up and land preparation, vertical development finally began under Joe’s tenure in 2016.

Now, as commuters and visitors cross south over the Missouri River and into downtown Kansas City, scenic views greet them – Berkley Park, the Union apartments, Bar K Dog Bar, and new construction. Thanks to Joe and the team’s continued work, the city feels the excitement of the upcoming streetcar extension and of more development plans in progress.

The Port KC team continues to focus on equitable, mixed-use and mixed-income development that will make this neighborhood a better place for all Kansas Citians.

Opportunity in Industry

For Joe, the collective effort to renew Kansas City’s status as an industrial hub is one of the most significant accomplishments of these past 10 years.

Joe collaborated with coworkers, community leaders, and civic officials to advance KC’s industrial market, bringing new jobs and opportunities. He crafted deals that supported the growth of our local businesses, worked on attractions projects to bring in jobs, and lent his expertise to neighborhood planning and improvements.

Port KC for KC

Finally, even a brief account of Joe’s accomplishments must include his dedication and leadership through volunteerism. Joe says Port KC’s many dedicated Commissioners, gave him “the support and encouragement to give back to causes near and dear to my heart.”

Through his service with organizations such as the Urban Land Institute and SAVE, Inc, he’s reflected on issues, in his own words, of “equitable development, homelessness, bridging access between quality jobs and housing, and especially opening access to careers in real estate and development to women and all persons of color.”

Our People Make the Difference

Joe is a valued member of our team, known for his expansive knowledge of Kansas City history, his big ideas, and his sincere excitement for the city’s success. With his trademark humor, Joe says, “The best part of Port KC is the supportive and collaborative culture; I call it the ‘no jerks’ unwritten Port KC rules. It really is what drives us to perform and succeed over time.”

We at Port KC are grateful to have Joe on our team, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next.