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49 Crossing

Industry Meets Innovation

More than four decades after the closure of the Richards-Gebaur AIr Force Base, Port KC and our partners are transforming the land into a growing intermodal hub.

49 Crossing unifies the many partners that have repurposed and revitalized the land with manufacturing, logistics, and light industrial businesses. The strong workforce within 49 Crossing and the surrounding communities will continue to be a primary priority in plans to attract jobs and infrastructure investment.


Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park

Aerial view about 20 building at CenterPoint

With 49 Crossing, Port KC manages the more than 489,000 square feet available to lease at Richards-Gebaur Commerce Park. 

Tenants of the space have easy-access to major highways and interstates, the benefits of a foreign trade zone and Class I freight rail services from Kansas City Southern.

For a list of all properties available for lease,  please click here.