Davids, Cleaver Announce New Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Port Funding at Port of Kansas City

February 24, 2022

Davids, Cleaver Announce New Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Port Funding at Port of Kansas City

Today, Representatives Sharice Davids (KS-03) and Emanuel Cleaver, II (MO-05) toured the Port of Kansas City’s Woodswether Terminal and announced historic new funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law for critical ports such as this one. The lawmakers voted to bring long-overdue investments to Kansas and Missouri’s infrastructure through the new law, including nearly $450 million in newly available grant funding for port-related projects through the Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP)—by far the largest investment in the program ever.


Port KC connects both Kansas and Missouri with five cross-country railroads, four interstate highways, and thousands of businesses, helping keep supply chains moving across the United States. By investing in the strength of that critical infrastructure, the bipartisan infrastructure law will help goods get from ship to shelf faster and at a lower cost to consumers.

“As Congressman Cleaver and I told the President when he visited, when the Kansas City Metro is moving—America is moving. The Port of Kansas City is a major part of that, and today we announced a new opportunity through the bipartisan infrastructure law to strengthen supply chains and create jobs in both Kansas and Missouri,” said Davids. “I’m proud to have worked across the aisle to deliver one of the most fiscally responsible and comprehensive infrastructure bills in decades, and I look forward to bringing those benefits home.”


“The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s long overdue and historic investments in America’s port infrastructure will enable ports across the country—including right here in Kansas City—to meet the demand of American consumers by expanding production and increasing shipping capacity to levels never seen before. Not only will these investments bolster our supply chains and lower the cost of goods for hardworking families and small business owners throughout the heartland, but it will also support good-paying jobs and ensure the Greater Kansas City Area remains competitive for decades to come,” said Representative Emanuel Cleaver, II. “As more federal funding from President Biden’s infrastructure law is made available, Rep. Davids and I will work in tandem to help it find its way back to the Kansas City Metro Area.”

“The Kansas City region is the crossroads of America. Last year the Bi-state region was the fourth fastest-growing logistics hub in America, and as the President recently noted, the Port of Kansas City is the fastest-growing port in the Midwest.,” said Port KC President & CEO Jon Stephens, “Investments in our port facilities as part of the overall intermodal landscape are vital to easing supply chain issues nationwide, and making us more resilient to future disruptions that impact all Americans.”


The bipartisan infrastructure law includes $17 billion to modernize and expand our ports and waterways, delivering good-paying jobs and lower prices to Midwest families. The $450 million announced today is nearly double last year’s investment in PIDP for states and port authorities. Ports, states, local governments will be able to apply and use them for significant improvements to port capacity, sustainability, and resilience. The deadline to apply is May 16, 2022 through the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Davids and Cleaver previously announced that in fiscal year 2022, the bipartisan infrastructure law is bringing more than $14 million for airports in the Greater Kansas City Area and historic funding to improve public transportation in the Kansas City area, such as KCATA buses. The law has been called the most fiscally responsible infrastructure bill in at least a decade by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.