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Diversified Contractors Growth Fund




The Diversified Contractors Growth Fund (DCGF) provides short-term debt financing to women- and minority-owned enterprises (WBE/MBE) as well as veteran-owned enterprises that are certified contractors in the commercial construction industry. DCGF loans are intended to increase WBE/MBE competitiveness and financial capacity to bid on and perform public and private contract work they otherwise might not be able to because of cash flow limitations. Along with funding partner, AltCap, Port KC is proud to support the growth and development of our minority and women contractors through this loan fund.


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Some features of the DCGF include:

  • Interest Rate as low as 6%
  • Loan terms are typically short, 1 year or less
  • No pre-payment penalties

Common uses of the DCGF include: 

  • Working capital (e.g. payroll)
  • Equipment and materials
  • Interior and exterior improvements to commercial property










For more information, please contact Zoraya Rowlands.