Goats return to graze at Berkley Riverfront

Berkley Riverfront, Kansas City, MO. – For the second year, Port KC will host a tribe of goats along the Riverfront Heritage Trail to help clear problematic vegetation taking over nature areas along the Missouri River and directly along the trail path. Goat grazing can significantly reduce invasive and unwanted species of weeds if used consistently for several years. The eco-friendly project was successful last year, and now, the goats are back to restore the area again.

The Heirloom Farm will bring 30-40 goats to tackle roughly two acres of overgrowth east of the Town of Kansas Bridge. The goats will call Berkley Riverfront home for approximately 15 days. They are set to arrive Thursday, July 11, 2024.

The Heirloom Farm is part of the Goats on the Go® network. Goats On The Go® is an organization that manages a network of affiliates who support their local community’s grazing needs.

“The goats absolutely love their jobs. I always say they are the most enthusiastic employees you’ll ever see! We use several different breeds and crosses of goats, but we aim for individuals who can graze competitively, be resourceful in regards to maintaining the project speed, and who respect our electric netting. They are lean, rugged, rangers of the goat world, able to thrive on constant grazing, frequent moving, and consistent admiration,” explained Brianne Orr, owner of The Heirloom Farm.

The process of goat grazing has increased in popularity over recent years. Goats, with their unique ability to access areas humans can’t and their diverse diet, are the perfect solution for Berkley Riverfront. By utilizing goats, Port KC can foster a safe and efficient cleanup process without impacting erosion or the use of harmful chemicals in nature areas.

“As stewards of the riverfront for Kansas City, Port KC is dedicated to creating a vibrant, active and sustainable destination for all. Utilizing goats to restore our native riverfront ecosystem is the best way to address invasive species, and a fun way for visitors to learn more about our environment. We hope to continue and expand this program in the years to come,” said Port KC CEO & President Jon Stephens.

Visitors on the trail can observe endless entertainment the goats will provide but should refrain from touching the goats to protect themselves and the animals. Instead, Port KC will hold a Goat Meet and Greet from 3:30-6:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 20, 2024, at the Riverfront Heritage Trail. Visitors who plan on attending should use BarK’s north parking lot, next to the Riverfront Heritage Trail. Take the trail under the ASB Bridge and goats will be visible on the west side.


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