Port Authority Hires Director of Port Operations to Focus on Port Development

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – The Port Authority of Kansas City, Missouri continues to show its commitment to making the Port of Kansas City a viable transportation option. Richard Grenville is joining the team to help lead these efforts. The Port Authority is excited to announce that Richard will serve as the Director of Port Operations.

He brings a wealth of experience to the Port Authority. His corporate career spans many aspects of marine and terrestrial transportation in international and domestic arenas. From marine carriage, port operations, warehousing, distribution, safety and software development Richard has been intimately involved in every aspect of cargo movement. He’s worked at several ports including Tampa, Florida and Tulsa’s Port of Catoosa.

“It is important for Kansas City to play a key role in waterborne commerce. We have an opportunity to be a shipping destination nationally and internationally. We’re thrilled to have Richard on board to assist in the Port reactivation,” said Michael Collins, President of the Port Authority of Kansas City. Richard will bring a sharper focus to business and logistics development. He will ensure the Port Authority is dedicating the necessary time and resources to making the Port a sought after intermodal connecter once again.

Richard’s hiring marks the first time the Port Authority has had a Port Department. Richard will be working closely with Branden Leay Criman, Deputy Port Director.

“The transportation industry is very dynamic in nature. I believe we are headed in the right direction to see our goal of a successful inland port met. The team Michael Collins has assembled is second to none and I am honored to be a member,” said Richard.

The Port Authority’s Mission is to foster the economic vitality of Kansas City, Mo through transportation, trade, commerce, and development.