Port KC Proposes Changes to Central Business Corridor Development Participation

MOU Would Refocus Primary Efforts to Riverfront, Logistics, Commerce, and Trade

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (September 23, 2019) – The Port KC Board of Commissioners approved the advancement of a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining Port KC’s collaboration with the City of Kansas City, MO, on the future economic development projects located within a defined Central Business Corridor (CBC) at today’s Board of Commissioners meeting. Port KC values our collaboration with elected city officials and community leaders for the betterment and growth of all of Kansas City. This MOU also reemphasizes Port KC’s primary commitments to the riverfront, logistics, commerce and trade.

“Economic success and quality job growth for KC depends upon collaboration and partnership,” said Port KC President and CEO Jon Stephens, “Port KC is dedicated to a shared equity vision. If reframing how we work in certain areas allows greater collaboration, we are in full support.”

If agreed to by the city, the MOU clarifies Port KC’s role and process in working with city leaders and agencies on economic development. Port KC will not consider future projects in the CBC unless the City Council requests participation with a binding resolution. Port KC will refer all request for project development in the CBC to the Economic Development Council of Kansas City (KCEDC).

“The Central Business Corridor has seen significant investment, but development must continue if it is to become a center of prosperity that benefits the entire city,” said Stephens, “I am confident that the City Council will outline their vision for development. Through this MOU, Port KC will still be ready to support city goals as they request.”  

The work that Port KC does is vital to KC and the state of Missouri. Port KC’s primary focus is on targeted development on and adjacent to the riverfront, operating river ports and intermodal hubs, returning previously unusable land to productive use, and targeted projects that attract and grow quality jobs for Kansas City. This work will continue with more visibility, accessibility, and focus. Port KC remains committed to increasing economic development and bringing quality jobs to Kansas City and will work with the City to make it happen.

“The determination to create this MOU grew out of a desire to focus our work and build continued success,” said Stephens, “Staff and the Commission looked at how we can make the most positive change in KC and this was a part. No one asked us to do it.” 

The MOU will be submitted to the City Council and Mayor for their consideration. 

The Central Business Corridor (CBC) is roughly defined as I-70 (North Loop) south to 63rd Street, and State Line east to Prospect Avenue.

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Mariah Shields

Port KC