Port KC Repoens with KAW Valley Companies as the New Operator

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – The Port of Kansas City – Woodswether Terminal is once again a premier shipping option for barges traveling the Missouri River. The Port Authority of Kansas City, MO is partnering with Kaw Valley Companies to serve as the operator for the port facility.

This partnership marks the reopening of the Port after seven years. “This partnership creates a new beginning for riverborne commerce in Kansas City. Once again, Kansas City will provide an additional transportation solution in order to stay competitive regionally, nationally and internationally. Our goal is to provide efficient use of our waterway as a navigable resource for regional and global trade, and serve as a support nexus to rail and roadway shipping” said Michael Collins, President & CEO of the Port Authority of Kansas City.

Kaw Valley was founded in 1984 by Ben Kates as a sand and gravel mining and Distribution Company has diversified its operations into recycling, demolition, excavation, grading and now port operations.

“Kaw Valley Companies looks at the port operating venture as an opportunity not only to grow our business but to further control our transportation costs and offer our customers savings and new transportation options for Kansas City and the region. In partnership with the Port Authority of Kansas City, MO we will be able to reach and grow a larger network of shippers, receivers, manufacturers, distributers and agricultural suppliers presently served by only rail and road carriers,” said Dan Hays with Kaw Valley Companies.

The Port Authority has a longstanding partnership with River Marine Enterprises, whose captain’s legacy includes the movement of goods by barge on the Missouri River prior to the Port closing in 2007. The Kentucky-based company will be providing towing, fleeting and port services for inbound and outbound barge traffic for the Port of Kansas City and other regional operations.

“River Marine Enterprises, LLC (RME) is excited about the developments at the Port of Kansas City. Barge transportation remains the safest, most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly means of transport for bulk commodities, and today’s announcement effectively makes that advantage available to the industries of the Kansas City area. RME is presently working with several companies interested in shipping commodities in or out of the port. We eagerly anticipate having towboats of our fleet making regular trips to Kansas City,” said David Smith, General Manager of RME.

The Port of Kansas City is now one of the few operating public ports on the Missouri river providing alternative freight corridors from the great lakes to the Gulf of Mexico for shippers. As freight networks of road and rail become more congested the inland waterway systems provide needed capacity for freight movement without the tremendous cost of building new infrastructure. The cost of waterborne freight movement gives shippers increased savings for transportation.

The partnership with Kaw Valley illustrates the public and private sector working together to solve regional transport needs. This collaboration will provide the necessary infrastructure, marketing and customer service to provide efficient freight movement for Kansas City, the States of Missouri and Kansas, and the surrounding region. We look forward to a long and successful relationship providing top quality services for businesses needing to move freight for domestic and international markets.

The Port Authority’s Mission is to foster the economic vitality of Kansas City, MO through transportation, trade, commerce, and development.