Port KC to Fast-Track Ecommerce and Manufacturing Projects in Kansas City, Missouri

Projects to provide COVID-19 employment relief and support long-term stability in distressed census tracts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (April 6, 2020) – Port KC’s Board of Commissioners approved the adoption of a fast-tracking policy that enhances Port KC’s unique position to attract quality ecommerce and manufacturing jobs to Kansas City, Missouri. The policy is applicable to projects that will be located in Kansas City’s distressed census tracts, pay quality wages and offer additional community benefits.

As Kansas City continues to experience the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, this framework encourages rapid attraction and expansion of industrial projects and capital investment. The projects will provide long-term stability and proactively position Kansas City in a national marketplace, with ecommerce continuing to experience double digit growth year-over-year in our region.

“The entire global ecommerce and logistics chain is evolving rapidly,” said Jon Stephens, Port KC President and CEO. “As these businesses consider quick expansion to accommodate the needs of today, and tomorrow, it is vital they know we want these quality jobs in KC. It’s also important they know we want projects to hire citizens seeking quality employment and competitive salaries.”

“Citizens want development agencies such as Port KC to invest in economically distressed communities,” said Phil Glynn, Chairman of the Port KC Board of Commissioners. This policy does this and positions Kansas City’s workers for success as our economy recovers from the impact of the coronavirus.”

Port KC will advance its mission to increase commerce in Kansas City, through projects including the creation of industrial facilities and industrial parks. Equity is at the core of this issue – projects must provide quality jobs and community enhancements in Kansas City’s most economically distressed areas.

Port KC staff will immediately begin working on measures to fast-track private investment for construction in ecommerce and manufacturing. 


Port KC’s mission is to grow the economy of Kansas City through transportation, logistics and revitalization.

For More Information, Contact:

Mariah Shields

Communications Manager

Port KC