The Project

Port KC is preparing to solicit statements of qualifications (“SOQs”) from respondents in June 2022. Port KC expects and encourages respondent teams to offer innovative methods for and approaches to completion of the scope of services identified in this RFQ while achieving the following objectives:

  • Effective utilization of the project site and supporting infrastructure with feasible and deliverable technical concept;
  • Commitment to environmental stewardship and investment in job creation across local communities;
  • Maximizing cost and schedule efficiencies achievable under a P3 approach with potential for Port KC to share in long-term Project success;
  • Establishing key risk and demand profile for Project development of all three core freight modalities (rail, transload, marine) efficiently and expeditiously over the length of the Project Term.

Port KC is contemplating a variety of public private partnership models to finance, develop, manage, and operate the Project. Port KC will commence the process to identify potential partners through procurement in calendar year 2022-2023. Port KC anticipates NEPA Approvals by Q1 2023.


Key anticipated dates include (subject to change):

  • October 2020 – MARAD PIDP Grant Awarded
  • April 2022 – Surface Transportation Board (STB) Environmental Application to be Submitted
  • May 2022 – Industry Days
  • June 2022 – Procurement Initiation / RFQ Issuance
  • August 2022 – Statement of Qualifications Due Date
  • September 2022 – Shortlist
  • December 2022 – Final RFP Issuance
  • February 2023 – Proposals Due
  • March 2023 – P3 Selection
  • March 2023 NEPA Approvals
  • July 2023 – P3 Commercial Close
  • Summer 2023 – Notice to Proceed

Advancing MRT

Missouri River Terminal is a key economic and employment generating initiative that Port KC is firmly committed to developing to further boost the economic growth of the region. In October 2020, USDOT awarded Port KC a Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) Grant for $9.88 million to accelerate the planning and early works construction activities required to advance MRT’s progress to full site construction quickly after environmental approvals are received.

To evidence this commitment and enhance the viability of MRT, Port KC has undertaken a series of critical pre-development tasks. Port KC has over $26 million to date in federal and state funding along with substantial Port KC revenue in order to ensure the success of the project and cover significant pre-development activities.  Activities which have been completed or are currently being undertaken include:

  • Environmental Permitting: Extensive environmental fieldwork has been completed and preparation of submissions for state and federal environmental permits is underway.
  • Environmental Mitigation: Potential mitigation sites have been identified and preliminary site work is underway.
  • Phase I Environmental Assessments: Non-intrusive Phase I environmental assessments have been or are being performed.
  • Site Access Requirements: A strategic assessment of site access requirements and opportunities is underway.