Located near major international railroad intermodal yards of six Class I railroads, numerous interstates and highways, and the central business district of Kansas City, the Port of Kansas City is a true intermodal connector.
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Terminal Services

The Port of Kansas City includes over 900 feet of shoreline including three load cells and ample docking structures for 14 barges. Hoppers, conveying systems, certified truck scale and material handling equipment with covered and open storage capacity give the terminal an annual capacity of 800,000 tons.

Commodities Presently Handled:

  • Fertilizer
  • Mill Scale
  • Shredded Scrap

Terminals Capabilities

  • Rail and truck transfer
  • Covered Storage
  • Product distribution

Kaw Valley Companies serves as the Terminal Operator for the Port of Kansas City. For pricing and information please call Kaw Valley Companies Director of Sales, Dan Hays, at (913) 544 – 7570.