Berkley Riverfront’s newest tenant is a waterfront beer garden

Berkley Riverfront, Kansas City, MO. – Berkley Riverfront Park is excited to introduce its newest tenant the Berkley Beer Garden. The beer garden will offer more outdoor food and entertainment options to residents in the Riverfront neighborhood, Kansas City residents looking for more outdoor entertainment, and offers convenient options for both Riverfront event attendees and Origin Hotel guests planning their entertainment, sporting and vacation trips. It’s a step toward Port KC’s plan to make Berkley Riverfront a must-experience KC destination.

Port KC is proud to partner, once again, with The Thrash Group which will oversee the development and operations of this multi-million dollar, public endeavor. The land and structure will be leased to The Thrash Group, but will remain a public-owned amenity. The beer garden is a nearly 8,200 square foot, two-story, open structure housed on half an acre inside the portion of the park known as the grove. The Thrash Group is behind the Origin Hotel, a boutique, five-story hotel that broke ground in the Riverfront in December of 2022. The beer garden will sit across Riverfront Drive from the hotel.

Local design firm KEM Studio designed the building to blend in with the park’s current surroundings. Although two stories, the expectation is to use simple and refined building materials immersing the visitor into the neighboring park atmosphere. KEM Studio has been a part of the development’s start with The Thrash Group jumping on board last March.

Groundbreaking for the beer garden is expected late summer of 2023 and will be on pace to open in 2024 alongside the Origin Hotel, KC Current’s stadium and the KC Streetcar’s arrival.


Thrash Development Group is based in Mississippi and has been in operation since 1986. Thrash focuses on real estate development and has 164 developments around the U.S. The team works on every facet of a project from construction to finance to design hand-in-hand with the local community in which it’s working.