Goats & sheep tackle weed control along the Riverfront Heritage Trail.

June 26, 2023

Goats & sheep tackle weed control along the Riverfront Heritage Trail.

Berkley Riverfront, Kansas City, MO.

Port KC will welcome several dozen four-legged friends to help clear invasive weeds taking over nature areas along the Riverfront Heritage Trail. The goats and sheep will be used to remove unwanted vegetation in a natural, environmentally friendly way. Over the course of several weeks, the goats will be moved in three phases along the nearly three-acre area.  Goats On The Go® KC South focus the sheep and goats on a stretch of trail between the ABS and the Town of Kansas Bridges. We are expecting roughly 40 goats and 20 sheep.

Goats and sheep being mother nature’s answer to killing invasive weeds is a growing movement. In our situation, these areas sit along the trail path which would mean using a chemical very close to where people and pets pass by hourly and would risk contamination of the river. A Downtown & River Market CID representative notified us about this option after a brainstorming session on our weed issue. When we heard about Goats On The Go®, we jumped at the chance. The endeavor costs $3,000 and is shared by all three entities. The CID is also supplying water for the goats and sheep.

“We are grateful to partner with Port KC on an eco-friendly project to remove weeds and overgrowth for our residents and visitors walking the trail. Goats on the Go® takes away the stress of tackling overgrowth. It keeps our employees safe from poison ivy and chemicals. And who doesn’t like to see goats and sheep grazing after a long day of work,” says Santos Ramirez, Director of Operations, River Market CID.

The grazing team will arrive on Saturday, June 24. Goats On The Go® will provide cameras and signage for educational and safety purposes for the goats and sheep. We will let them acclimate to their temporary home. We want to invite the media for a private meet and greet.

A background note: Port KC assisted in drafting an ordinance revising the Kansas City Missouri Code of Ordinances regulating the keeping of livestock within city limits. The prior version of Section 14-14, Special exceptions from distance requirements for keeping of livestock, would have required us to “ask for forgiveness” rather than permission to host the mammal mowers. Section 14-12 limits livestock from being located 200 feet or less from any building used by humans. Vicinity Energy has a pump house within that distance. While the company supported our endeavor, Port KC couldn’t even apply for an exemption. Thanks to the newly passed Ordinance 230502, dubbed as “the Greatest Ordinance of All Time” by Kansas City Councilman Eric Bunch, Port KC is officially permitted for goats as of June 16, 202