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When an RFP/RFQ is issued on a development finance project, it is published on this page. In addition to publishing on the website, Port KC notifies a list of pre-qualified organizations that may have an interest in providing the services being solicited.

If you would like to have your organization included on Port KC’s prequalification list, please contact Port KC or call (816) 559-3750.  As a general rule, only organizations listed on Port KC’s prequalification list as of the date an RFP/RFQ is released or posted are eligible to be awarded any contract on a development finance project.    

Port KC’s development partners are responsible for issuing and managing the procurements on development finance projects, subject to Port KC’s oversight.  All development finance projects are contractually obligated to comply with the terms of the documents linked on this page and all potential bidders or proposers are encouraged to review the same before responding to any solicitation.

Pursuant to Section 68.040, RSMo, a developer is required to consult with the affected taxing authorities prior to final approval of any property tax exemption by Port KC.    Port KC’s policy is to require that these consultations be completed prior to the first consideration of any bond inducement resolution or any other form of resolution that would approve a binding tax exemption structure. 

Port KC will not typically participate in any consultation between a developer and the affected taxing jurisdictions.  A list of the primary taxing jurisdictions that may be affected by a project can be found here. Special taxing districts with the authority to levy property taxes are not included on the list but must also be included in any consultation, if applicable. A developer seeking property tax exemption must determine for itself which primary and special taxing jurisdictions it must consult with by reference to the geographic location of its proposed project.

Once the required consultation has been concluded, a developer must complete the Affidavit of Consultation found here and return the same to Port KC no later than four (4) calendar days prior to Port KC’s first consideration of the applicable resolution. 

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