Kansas City was born on the banks of the Missouri River, but as years have passed, our connection to the longest river in North America has diminished. Port KC is doing its part to revitalize our relationship to the river through a series of projects.

Heritage Riverfront Trail

riverfront_heritage_trail-300x199The Riverfront Heritage Trail is a system of bicycle and pedestrian paths designated throughout the urban core of Kansas City. The Trail connects residential, commercial and retail activities and destinations along the bi-state Kansas City urban riverfront.

In the Port KC-controlled portion of the trail, visitors can access the Missouri River, look out over an urban archeological park at the original Town of Kansas river settlement, meander through a Wetlands Restoration area, and enjoy all the amenities of Berkley Riverfront.

This trail system links the central business district of Kansas City, Missouri, the River Market and Berkley Riverfront to Quality Hill, the Westside, the West Bottoms, Strawberry Hill and downtown Kansas City, Kansas.

The Riverfront Heritage Trail has expanded the notion of art in public places by installing pieces as part of its mission of urban design. The trail has created a self-sufficient alternative system of transportation for this urban area, which creates a measurable contribution to regional air quality.