Our projects don’t define us, but they do help define our city.
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Berkley Riverfront

Sometimes, the easiest way to understand what we do is to learn more about the projects we’ve navigated. We’re proud of what they’ve contributed to our city’s growth- and of the value our future projects will continue to add.

Berkley Riverfront 

Kansas City was born at the Missouri River. This area was bustling with homes and businesses. But as time went on, locals moved away from the city’s origins and the riverfront became neglected and contaminated. It was even used as a tow lot and a dumping ground as recently as the 1970s. But it had so much potential to play a vital role in our city.

To turn this previously undeveloped land into a mixed-use, world class part of our city, we focused on investment and environmental revitalization over the span of 30 years. Our vision for the riverfront includes a diverse new neighborhood that extends downtown beyond its boundaries.

When complete, the 55-acre riverfront will feature more than five million square-feet of mixed use, office, residential and retail space designed to reflect Kansas City’s urban culture and character – this is all of Kansas City’s front yard. 

Union Berkley Riverfront

Union Berkley Riverfront is a mixed use residential development that features  410 apartment units, a parking garage and ground floor retail space across five acres. Of note, it’s the largest, single-phase multi-family development project in all of the Kansas City Metro area. It’s a pet-friendly community with access to all that the riverfront has to offer. Since opening its doors, it has welcomed hundreds of new residents to the riverfront – and stands to continue to welcome more.

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Bar K

We loved being a part of this development. And based on its success, the people of Kansas City love it, too. Its membership was at capacity before it even opened.

This fully staffed, professionally maintained dog park features a restaurant and bar and has separate play areas for dogs of all sizes. 

In an effort to reuse rather than start over, the bar and restaurant were built with repurposed shipping containers and used several sustainable design features including solar panels. 

Speaking of repurposing, part of the land used to develop Bar K is located under the Heart of America Bridge, which was previously considered undevelopable land. 

Find Bar K on the western edge of Berkley Riverfront near the Heart of America Bridge.