Located near major international railroad intermodal yards of six Class I railroads, numerous interstates and highways, and the central business district of Kansas City, the Port of Kansas City is a true intermodal connector.
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Port of Kansas City

The Port of Kansas City is approximately 9 acres located at Missouri River mile 367.1 adjacent to the West Bottoms Industrial District of Kansas City MO.


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Located near major national railroad intermodal yards of five Class I railroads, four interstate highways, and the central business district of Kansas City, the Port of Kansas City is a true multimodal connector.

As the public-partner in the reestablishment of waterborne commerce, Port KC is charged with making certain that the following public goods, environmental considerations and economic impacts are maximized:

One barge is equivalent to 16 railroad cars or 70 truck trailers.  The efficiency of waterborne transportation translates into shipper savings of an estimated $10 – $12 per ton.  Not only does this decrease the congestion, accidents and maintenance costs for the nation’s highway system, but it also means a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Nearly 400 people are employed at 13 public port facilities across the state of Missouri. Port KC anticipates that approximately 40 direct and indirect jobs will be created in the region when the port reaches its maximum capacity.

In August of 2015, the Port welcomed its first barge since 2007, reasserting the importance of waterway transportation and opening a new era of multimodal transport with the proposed rail connecting expected to be complete by May of 2017.

For more information, contact Richard Grenville, Vice President of Port Operations, or call  (816) 559-3726.

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