The Opportunity

Port KC is in the advanced planning stages for MRT after purchasing the 415-acre site in 2018 from AK Steel Corporation. The facility is planned as an intermodal container rail terminal and river port terminal with freight transload capabilities and the potential to serve possible transport logistics functions including on-site including retail distribution, warehousing, storage, e-commerce, and other industrial activities.

Port KC plans to pursue the development of MRT as an advanced state-of-the-art intermodal development which will enhance the region’s rail, water, and highway trade platform. The Project contemplates the development of an inland intermodal (water, highway, and rail) port and transportation hub with potential transport logistics functions on-site or proximate including retail distribution, warehousing, freight transloading, e-commerce, and light manufacturing.

To enable development of MRT, Port KC is looking to engage with partners through long-term master development agreement(s) to finance, construct and develop the capital investment, future operational management, and maintenance of the Project.

Public-Private Partnership Opportunity

Port KC is seeking to engage qualified private partners to assist with designing, constructing, financing, operating, and maintaining MRT development. Port KC anticipates that the private partners will fund certain pre-development costs and the costs of construction, as well as provide continuing operations and maintenance for MRT. Port KC is contemplating the facilitation of low-cost, tax-exempt financing, and other potential economic incentives to be secured for the private partners.

The ultimate completed Project is anticipated to create the facilitation of freight movements and will include the creation of:

  • River terminal(s) leveraging previous dock infrastructure to accept and process container vessels, barge vessels, container-on-barge services and bulk services;
  • Short line railroad to provide switching, rail storage, containerized cargo and/or truck transload transfer services;
  • Container storage;
  • Warehousing and office buildings; and
  • Gate security and access.